LOCAL Media Matters

During the pandemic, Google saw an increase in consumers using their platform on a LOCAL level!

Here’s what they noticed:

  • Searches for “local” and “business/businesses” were up 80% YoY in the month of February.
  • There had been an increase in consumers researching restaurants online before visiting.
    • 67% of diners say they searched for food/ beverage information during the pandemic, and 57% said they found food/beverage information through online ads.
  • People are using Google Maps more, and it is not just for navigation.
    • “curbside pickup” searches saw an uptick of 9,000%.
    • “discounts” searches increased globally by over 100%.
    • “gift shop “searches rose globally by over 60%.
  • The top searches on Google Maps were for nearby establishments:
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants near me
    • Gas
    • Food

Are your LOCAL businesses using radio to get closer to their ideal audiences?

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